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  • seeking to broaden your area of expertise
    as a helping professional

  • interested in starting a new career,
    one that you find truly meaningful

  • searching for an approach to personal
    transformation that is as individual as you are

The Helix Training is a non-denominational seminary offering a unique training in psychospiritual counseling and work in personal transformation. It combines psychological awareness with spiritual practice, two pillars that support radical wholeness. Both of these endeavors engage the conflicts and skills, the struggles and strengths of the personality, using them as gateways to deeper awareness.

However, if the personality alone is considered, we often lack a connection to something beyond ourselves. Our relationships may be satisfactory, and work may be going well, but frequently there is a feeling that something indefinable is missing, a sense of emptiness that won't go away in spite of our successes.

On the other hand, when spiritual practice is separated from psychological inquiry, we may look toward that practice to solve all our difficulties. We imagine that because we have a connection to God, to Spirit, or a Higher Being, that all our psychological, relationship, and work issues should magically disappear. This is a serious misconception. When that doesn't happen, we think we must be doing it wrong, or that our practice is not good enough.

Psychological understanding, mindfulness and spiritual practice support each other to create a personal experience of radical wholeness. This is an evolving state that includes compassion, tolerance, individuality and connectedness. Psychospiritual training and personal transformation actively encompass all of these essential qualities.


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