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  • HELIX is a four-year seminary program. Graduates are ordained. There are approximately 150 class hours per year.

  • Helix is currently under revision. In the past the following has been our structure.

  • Classes, meet from September through June with no classes held in July and August.
  • One 8-hour teaching day per month, held on Saturday, from 10:00am - 5:30pm.
  • One 2-hour Process Group per month, held on Sunday.
  • There is at least one retreat weekend away from the city each year.

  • The class meets on Tuesday evenings for a 2-hour intensive on a specific subject. (The intensives are taught by both the HELIX faculty and guest speakers.) At least four 5-week intensives are held each year.
  • One 1-hour session per month as student therapist is required.
  • One 1-hour session per month as student client is required.

  • Homework includes readings and process notes.

  • Two evaluation meetings per year will be held with a supervisor. Evaluations are based on:
    • The quality of your spiritual commitment
    • Your ongoing commitment to your personal process
    • Your ability to be with others
    • Your integration of the conceptual and practical material
  • You are required to work individually at least twice a month with a Helix Practioner or other trained practitioner of your choice.


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