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  • Buddhist Psychology describes an ancient way of relating to suffering which differs radically from Western thought. As a HELIX student, you will be able to help yourself and others step outside of suffering, accept impermanence, and begin the process of eradicating the emotions of greed and imbalanced desire. You will be more in tune with the contracting and expanding forces of your own nature and those of the cosmos.
  • Distant Healing and Active Prayer teach the power of prayer and how to unite prayer with single-pointed intention.
  • Group Healing Techniques utilize the expansive power of the collective to effect healing through chanting, sounding, and laying on of hands.
  • Meditation introduces a voyage into the Mind which leads to an understanding of both ordinary and extraordinary states. Meditation is the discipline which supports your practice as a healer.
  • Perspectives in Multi-demensional Reality describes the personal relationship to Divine Intelligence. You will discover the ways in which you are a co-creator with Spirit and begin to understand your immense inner resources. You will be introduced to a philosophy of liberation that connects you with your abundant and generous nature.
  • Shamanic Healing Techniques explore ritual and journeying to understand the passageway to Spirit, healing, and alternative ways of knowing.



  • Developmental Psychology is the study of personality from birth to death and how humans relate, love, and work in each of these stages. Several models are utilized including Object Relations Theory, the Core Conflict model from Core Energetics, and Native American Medicine Wheel teachings from both North and South America.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment utilize Eastern and Western methods of diagnosing and treating human suffering.
  • Dream Interpretation includes Jungian and Gestalt techniques and the work of Arnold Mindell.
  • Gestalt Psychology is about being in the here-and-now and taking responsibility for one's feelings and actions. Through this you will learn to understand emotional processes.
  • Body-oriented psychology works with blocked, repressed energy. The goal is to free the individual to live a fully embodied and conscious life. You will learn how to identify patterns of blocking in the body and apply techniques developed to help release these blocks thus allowing the individual full access to and energetic expression of the sexual and social self.
  • Skillful Means include an ability to create a compassionate holding environment, to make skillful interventions, to manage boundary issues, and much more.



  • Contemporary Methods of Hypnosis — for building a deep rapport with others through a variety of methods and for helping them mobilize their inherent resources. This helps to promote a deep understanding of other people's belief systems and how those beliefs affect their actions. You will learn how to help others to transform negative experiences in a non-threatening and useful way.
  • Shamanic Journeying — for entering alternate realities, using drumming, rattling, and power objects, in order to obtain information, find guides, and meet power animals.
  • Intuitive States — Intuition is one mode of relating to the web of connectedness that is a vital, though often unexplored aspect, of our being. It is both ordinary and sacred — ordinary magic — that opens the way to guidance, supports resourcefulness and in its skillful practice awakens an awareness that nourishes wisdom. Intuition informs us about our inner dynamics: relationship issues, health, work and, at the deepest level may provide us with a connection to our soul's pattern. It is a skill that can be taught so that its natural presence evolves.



  • Core Energetic Exercises are powerful techniques for moving energy and for emotional release.
  • Healing Touch is learning to identify and work with the body's auric fields and currents of energy for the purpose of bringing the body into balance and health.
  • Sound Healing uses the human voice as a tool for healing.
  • Shamanic Energy Work introduces ways of working with the luminous body including: illumination, soul retrieval, and death rites.
  • Intuitive Gestalt Energy Work is an energetic approach to Gestalt Therapy. All healing takes place in the context of life energy. By using this Universal Source one can directly potentiate deep therapeutic work by creating a healing chrysalis between therapist and client where in the moment sensory, emotional and energetic experience can be accessed and healed within our core.

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