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In 1980 we founded HELIX, a program that honors the specific gifts of our students by helping them to define their own personal path. The impulse to create HELIX came from a realization of the split between psychotherapy, spiritual practice, and healing. In the spirit of healing these splits, we created a program that meets both the personal and professional needs of our students.

HELIX, from the double stranded helix found in DNA, truly represents our philosophy. Each strand interweaves two main principles. First, the liberating work of Healing, Spirituality, and the essential skills of Eastern and Western psychotherapy, and second, the balance of experiential and theoretical learning.

The experiential learning assists students in understanding and transforming themselves (a prerequisite for working with others), while the theoretical learning provides a solid ground that enables them to work with confidence and compassion. HELIX offers many approaches rather than limiting the study to one method. It enables our students to discover the individuality of their own personal and professional paths.

 — Lynne Aston*, Barbara Crosby, Joan Poelvoorde, and Julie Winter

*[1941 - 2002]

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